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Progress Software Corporation (NASDAQ: PRGS) provides application infrastructure software for the development, deployment, integration and management of business applications. Our goal is to maximize the benefits of information technology while minimizing its complexity and total cost of ownership. Today the company has over 1,600 employees in over 90 countries. Progress is headquartered in Massachusetts, USA, and is a worldwide leader in application infrastructure software. Progress offers a broad portfolio of category-leading infrastructure software spanning:

  • Application Platforms
  • SOA Infrastructure
  • Data Infrastructure

Progress solutions simplify and accelerate the development, deployment, integration, and management of service oriented business applications. Users of information technology today demand software applications that are comprehensive, reliable, responsive and cost-effective. Our goal is to maximize the benefits of information technology while minimizing its complexity total cost of ownership.

  • Developing and Deploying Service-Oriented Business Applications: Progress Application Platform Products

Progress Application Platform solutions, OpenEdge and Apama, empower both end-user organizations and independent software vendors and developers to rapidly develop, deploy and manage the sophisticated applications needed to respond to today's ever-changing business climate.

  • Integrating Business Services: Progress SOA Infrastructure Products

Using an SOA approach, information systems are built from shared components called "services" which automate discrete business functions. Progress SOA Infrastructure solutions including Sonic™, Actional®, Apama®, DataXtend® SI and DataDirect® Shadow® connect, mediate, control and monitor these services and their communications to integrate new and existing business services across organizational boundaries and to remote sites with low latency, high reliability and continuous availability.

  • Managing Real-Time Access To All Your Data Assets: Progress Data Infrastructure Products

Progress Data Infrastructure solutions including DataDirect, EasyAsk®, DataXtend RE and DataXtend CE, and ObjectStore provide data management, integration, replication, caching, access, and security spanning multiple data stores which can be multi-vendor and in multiple locations including disconnected and mobile data. In support of an SOA, a data infrastructure enables both database level integration as well as data services support for distributed application services.


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