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Progress Training

Our goal is to help you to take maximum advantage of your investment in Progress Software. Whether you’re interested in Progress basic, concerned with system optimization, or you’re an advanced programmer looking to hone your expertise, PROGRESS training services is here to help you improve your productivity in PROGRESS in the shortest time frame possible.

We know that rapid application development is essential to your company’s competitive position. It is our mission to make sure you realize your application development goals.

Our available reguler training materials :

Character Programming in Progress

Database Administration

Advance Database Administration

Using ProDataSets

GUI Programming in Progress

Developing Distributed AppServer Application

Developing and Deploying WebClient Application

Progress Database Performance Tuning





progress consultant

We offer a variety of consulting services designed to improve a company's business system processes, as well as provide installation and full life-cycle planning and management services for Progress-based application development projects. Regardless of the improvement the Progress-based application is deployed in- client/server, host/terminal or internet-Progress has the services to sustain and grow your business, such as :

DB Monitoring & Performance Tuning


DB Migration

Joint Development




Business Application Solutions

We design and build enterprise business applications which covers n-Tier/distributed, client/server, host-based applications.
This services includes the following basic processes :

Review Project Goals & Plan

Survey and Analysis

Learn the whole on going system documents and reports, company plan, ongoing systems and procedures, human resources quality, etc.


Design the new system, database level, user-interface and reports; study the performance on your ongoing computer hardware and data communication peripherals. This is the most crucial part of the project that determine project succsess.


Transfrom the design to prototype and manage revision and final approval with you.



Proof and review final program for verify all processes and output. This also include final approach.


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Progress Software

Integrated Sales and Distribution Apllication System (IDAS)

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

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